The upside to A-mount popularity going down

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Re: The upside to A-mount popularity going down

ProfHankD wrote:

So what do we have now? Well, to begin with, we now have FF mirrorless bodies that cost less to make than SLTs. I now have two A7RII, and the second one cost me under $1300 new last year -- which is also what they're selling for now. An A7RII, plus an LA-EA4, is basically a high-end A-mount SLT body for less than the very-comparable A99II. You can argue for/against the different ergonomics, but there's much less difference between those two than there was between, for example, my A350 and A55.

A high end A mount SLT body with AF pretty similar to the 13 year old A900.

From Sony's point of view, I'm sure the LA-EA5 was really the game changer.

It would be, if they would expand support for it.

EVF + SLT was a big step forward, but we finally have an official Sony adapter that allows A mount glass to in every way outperform what it could do using SLT technology.

Of course, if you're using PZ/IX lenses, you're out of luck. As you also are with some A mount teleconverters. And you still don't have the focus limiter or a couple of other A mount body AF features.

For lenses with motors in them, we had it from the LA-EA3, and the kit to modify an LA-EA4 removing the SLT also gave that to screw drive A-mount lenses, but the LA-EA5 is an official Sony product. There are some annoyances in that the LA-EA5 doesn't fully support all lenses nor all E/FE bodies, but it looks like going forward, it probably will work with all new bodies.

Based on what? It supports one of three bodies released since its release.

If you care about A-mount lenses going forward, I'd suggest buying an LA-EA5 soon, because they might only sell them for a respectable transitional period....

So, here's the summary of what's really happening:

  • Sony has finally completed the transition of A-mount to a mirrorless implementation that outperforms all previous A-mounts. An LA-EA5 on an A1 is wildly better than any "native" A-mount body.
  • Body cost has effectively come down, with emphasis on FF and more options (e.g., the super-pro A1, video-centric S models, general-purpose, high resolution R models, or even compact with the A7C).
  • Lens cost is gonna dive. There will be a lot of folks getting rid of their A-mount lenses at really low prices, so it's gonna be a great time to buy rather than sell.

In summary, I look forward to seeing you in the adapted lens forum....

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