advice needed for a possible new camera

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advice needed for a possible new camera

Hi to all of you,
I am looking for a new camera in complement of my Q-P or eventually I will sell my Q-P (depends on the cost of the new camera). 
I am hesitating between different cameras and brands ( I posted also on other sub forum in other brands).
I will use mainly the new camera for street and portrait (no sport, wildlife etc) and a little of architecture and landscape.
To be honest I would prefer a FF camera but I used in the past fuji cameras (x100f and XT30). I loved the feel in hand of the Fuji cameras and fact that they do not look like spaceships...
Nevertheless my experience with fuji was so and so. The handling was perfect but I have noticed and sorry for my english, that the files once zoomed in (100%) looked a little "mucky" or very "digitalised". I absolutely do not have that with my Q-P (or my sold Cl), at 100% the photos looks fine and crisp.

I don't know if my camera (xt30) was faulty. 
I mainly used the 23mm F2 lens.

I did check here on DP review some Fuji files I do find the same "problem" on some of the photos. 
This is really the (important) point that makes me hesitate to buy a new fuji camera saddly. Very strangely I have an old x100 and the files looks fine even with if the resolution is lower. Colours looks also great, I feel something is different really in the way the x100 files look and those from the XT30.
Any idea?
I was interested in the Fuji x-S10 and one or two fast lenses (native or other brand) around 20-50mm, manual or autofocus.
I have also the possibility to buy a second hand GFX50R from the camera shop where I buy my gear. I am a little afraid of the huge size of the camera. Has anyone some experience with the GFX50R in street photography? Does the autofocus works at least correctly on moving (not running) subjects? 
Thanks and have a great day!

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