Any issue with zoom lenses?

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Any issue with zoom lenses?

Long story short,

no way, I am not that kind of person, among many others didn't get the gift of being concise (is that correct?).

My dad borrowed me his Nikon F with a non working Photomic when I was 16 or 17 (which is molto tempo fa) and told me about depth of field and that's it, played for a while than I got a pretty Olympus XE and a Minox 35 and I still have both, actually there still is a roll into one of them...

A few (...) years later I become a dad myself when mine was gone since short time, with my son't mum we decided to get a camera and we got a bridge one, a Canon G2 (also that one still in a drawer and still working) to document our kid's growth but I wanted to use the lenses I got from my dad, a few Nikkor primes, got the chance to buy a used Canon (sigh...) 20D along with a 28-135 locally, switched then to a Sigma 24-70 but my dream was a Fuji S5Pro and a few years later I got not one but two of those but the dream to use MF lenses on that small and dark viewfinder, nonetheless I also got a KatzEye focusing screen was a pain.

For a decade birthday I got myself a Panasonic L1 which was very pretty with its rangefinder look, 7.5 (!!!) MP and an amazing 14-50 lens.

Recent history a Nikon D800 then a Fuji X-Pro1, both first attempts from both brands at something really new, both got me great memories nonetheless their shortcomings, the Nikon was and still is an amazing camera, the Fuji very pretty and almost pocketable with lot of shortcomings but I gotta say both got me beautiful pictures and memories.

The Nikon broke when an unexpected huge wave hit me (I still consider myself lucky as not to have the dog with me on that chance), the Fuji did suddenly with no apparent cause.

I had invested more onto Nikon than Fuji, a bunch of both D and G primes as well as two D zooms and a G one, on the Fuji I had a kind of do-it-all setup with the kit 18-55, the 14 and the 35, I decided to sell the 14 cause it made no sense to have such an expensive but unused lens since for landscape better to have the big MP count of the D800 along with native 20mm lens, once the Pro1 broke I gave away the 18-55 which for as good as I read about it I never had a good feel with it, sure small and sharp (but I wonder how much camera work there is behind Fuji sharp files, RAW files are nothing I would tell home about) but still a kit lens and being used to primes I was probably prevented to see the good into it.

Kept the 35 because as far as slow it is I got some beautiful pics with it and lusted to use it on a better camera than the Pro1 was but thorn at if worth the pain, I mean I can sell it within a week time and get my money back (I paid a very good price for it brand new), along with the money from the 18-55 and the 14 I would cover about 35% of what it takes to jump into a Nikon Z6II or, OR allow the little devil on my left shoulder to tempt me into an used X-T2 to pair with the 35 for something I can always have with me (yesterday went for a hike with the dog and the sky was amazing, only got the iPhone with me and when back in the afternoon with a proper camera that light was gone) but then I know I would want to get a couple more lenses to cover more focal range.

Logics would say to wait to have enough money and for a price drop to jump into FF Z Nikon, should makes me lust behind another Fuji just for that lens...

I read great things about the stock/kit lens coming with the Z6II, the 24-70/4; I never owned a 35mm, dunno why but while most photographers would give up on them all for a 35 I walk with an 85, one of my friends who, on contrary of me, is a good photographer, makes fun of me always checking at which lens being attached to my camera and, surprise, an 85 (I own 4 of them, old Nikkor 85H, Contax Planar 85/1.4, Nikon 1.8G and Nikon 1.4D), I am not really into landscape if not occasionally and as such the 20 does it (another lens which I could easily do without); a 24-70 with the 20 and the 85 with the converter would to almost it all in a lightweight kit but reading here and there the lens is everything besides the miracle they all scream about (I guess once you buy into something you do whatever to convince yourself you did a good choice), I am afraid I might get the same delusion I faced with the 18-55 and after a long wait (till I could eventually get into Nikon Z) and question myself if not better to get an X-T2 and again the 18-55 and give myeself and Nikon more time.

I know the zoom comes handy and stopped down f8ish they all are great so be it the 18-55 or the 24-70/4 in sufficient light they should make it but my 3 zooms (they are nothing great at all, the old Nikon 35-60/2.8, the Nikon 80-200/2.8D and the 28-300VR) see little to no use if not when I want to take casual shots and no bother much about quality/pixel peeping, I did even think of getting a compact camera with an equivalent 24-70 lens and being done with all of this mental mas****ation but I so much love to look through a viewfinder (OVF when possible) and also have a bunch of lenses which would be a pity not to use (among which some great even tho old Contax Planar ones).

Wait for a Z or put money onto an used T2 when I know I won't make it with just the 35? Yes, could use the Contax lenses with an adapter I already own but MF doesn't always do it for my shooting, anzi, it doesn't at all...

Sorry, just a long rant I suppose, this damn lockdown teared me apart, I should be working instead of being sitting in my yard with a Peroni Riserva in the sun but second straight season which will be wasted and god only knows how worth is a year time when you are well past mid of your expected life if all goes smooth...

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