Replacing X-H1 + Olympus EM5II for X-S10

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Replacing X-H1 + Olympus EM5II for X-S10


After some thought, I'm almost decided to make a move to simplify my gear, selling a X-H1 and a m43 kit (Olympus E-M5 mkII + a set of lenses) to buy a Fujifilm X-S10 and still have spare money.

I will keep my beloved X-Pro2 both for joy of use and as a backup work camera.
The X-S10 will replace both the X-H1 as the work camera, and the E-M5 as the travel camera. This way I will not be into 2 different systems, and still get portability and IBIS (which is crucial for me).

The X-H1 is probably the best camera I had, but the truth is that I never really bonded with it. The weight and volume are a big factor, as are some quirks on the UI and button placement that I don't like).

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As I see it, what I will gain with the X-S10:

1. Only have one system to focus and invest on, to be able to share all the lenses, batteries, IQ consistency, etc.

2. Will finally have reliable AF with Fuji, even if only in single focus (which I don't have with the X-H1 and X-Pro2);

3. Get a body as small and light as the E-M5 but with a comfortable grip like the X-H1;

4. Maintain the same IBIS performance of the X-H1 and E-M5 II;

5. Flip-out screen like the E-M5 II which I prefer;

6. A bit better video controls and video quality (having the option to get 10bit via HDMI);

7. 4 custom modes on the PSAM dial (something I used on a Panasonic camera and loved it);

What I will lose:

1. The big X-H1 EVF (it's really nice, but I had a X-T20 that I think had the same EVF as the X-S10 and I thought it was good enough);

2. The Olympus 14-150mm, a handy super-zoom with acceptable IQ that is not expensive, nor big and heavy;

3. Construction quality(?) Sure I will lose weather sealing, but not important for me. Reports say the X-S10 feels solid, so probably not a big deal.

4. Custom buttons. From what I saw, I think I like the control scheme and button placement of the X-S10. What preoccupies me is the downgrade on the number of customizable buttons. The lack of AF/MF switch is a bummer, will have to make it work with what's available: the left dial for Exp. comp, and buttons for AF/MF, ISO settings, mech/e-shutter, and focus magnify. Anything else will have to go to the Q menu or custom settings;

5. Dual-card slot. Don't really care, the fact that the SD card is next to the battery is more of a bummer for me than that, but even so not a big deal;

6. ISO, shutter and other dials. I sure like them, but I also see the advantages of a PSAM. Will keep the X-Pro2 for the dial fun.

7. Style points. The X-S10 is the worst looking camera of the Fuji X line, may have to carry a cool-looking analog camera alongside it

(ok, joking on this one, just added it to make a 7th cons point to be even);

Having said all this, what do you think? Am I missing anything else on either pro/cons side? Anyone using both the X-H1 and X-S10 to share thoughts?


Fujifilm X-H1 Fujifilm X-Pro2
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