A7 II no camera sensor output on LCD?

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Re: A7 II no camera sensor output on LCD?

So... let's do a quick recap... a "retrospective"

Was this a waste of my own time? yes... 8hrs+

Was this a waste of money? yes... $80+ and camera is not sellable anymore

Why did this happen? I threw my camera in with loose lenses in my backpack...

How did this fix problem happen... did not RTFM or guides enough.

Anyway in the end it's fine... I burn money (that's why I'm poor) and I also have the A7RIII to mess up next.

What is the outcome? I'm back to my original LCD, it is dim now... I suspect because of the short from the new one. Somehow it shorted... must not have been centered when reconnected. Thankfully this camera is well designed, where that short did not destroy the rest of the camera as evident in the photos of my boi.

Some post rebuild notes:

- battery out

- take note eg. draw/tape the screws where they go back so you know where they go, I think at least 3 separate piles: outside/evf, LCD/top, internal

- If something feels like it's resisting, don't force it, may have put a screw in too early and the piece/edge is running into it.

- Before finalizing the assembly, make sure the AF/MF switch works, it's this spring loaded thing that's hard to align. The neutral position of the AF/MF switch is actually with the switch (rotating plastic part) in the AEL position.

- I put the metal cover over the LCD connection first, then I screwed the bend-frame mount to the body, then I added the channel metal clip back over the LCD ribbon cable.

- try not to work over a carpet where you can't find a screw if it falls into it

the fractures I wasn't trying to fix

The source of the sacred magic smoke

Reassembled with Zeiss 55

Post assembly image had to take with EVF since LCD is pretty dim

Mmm 1.8

Anyway even so... the camera will be like a B-camera and since it has that HDMI out I'll probably find some tiny display that matches the dimensions and 3D-print a case that holds it/get a tiny HDMI connector and use it like that.

Actually yeah, you could use a little suction cup stick it to the display and it holds a new case with HDMI out... has to be self powered though... but could probably run on a single cell lipo and some microcontroller... idk will keep it in mind. I bought a legit one mounts on the top but it's massive/will use for the other camera.

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