What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

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Re: What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

Pragma wrote:

I'm looking at picking up a new set of lenses for my Fuji X-T1 but Im essentially starting from a clean slate. I have a Canon FD 28mm F/2.8 and 28-85 F/4 left over after selling my Canon camera. I've never found the FD line of lenses to be particularly beautiful but they worked well enough and were plentiful.

I had a rather full set of M42 Takumar primea but sold them with the camera as a set - I regret doing it now as they were in mint condition but such is life.

Now I'm looking at OM lenses, Nikon F, or the Pentax K. I have a Nikon F3 with a 200mm F/4 but the lens is in such bad condition I'd never waste my time adapting. I have no time for film and that process but maybe that will change.

Anyway just curious what your prefered mount is or what you would focus on purchasing if you could start again.


Contrary to many comments on here so far, my favorite line is Canon FD/FL. Sitting in my camera bag right now along with a Lumix S1 is the following kit...FL 35/2.5, FD 35/3.5, FDn 50/1.4, FL 55/1.2, and an FDn 85/1.8.

Also, a set of Canon FD extension tubes just came in from KEH along with a Canon 52mm macro adapter which lets me reverse mount lenses with a 52mm thread. Included is a smart Canon Macro hood for FD/FL lenses which let you operate the aperture when the lenses are reversed along with providing a little protection for the mount side of the lens. Clever.

Canon not only made really, really good lenses but they also put out a very comprehensive line of add ons and accessories back in the day that many other brands never even attempted. They are a very good 'system' manufacturer. Nikon may be their only true challenger in this.

Anyway, I really like FD and FL lenses. I have used an old FL 55/1.2 for years first on Sony and now Panasonic to great effect. The lens is stupidly sharp wide open.

Other then vintage Canon you cant really go wrong with Minolta. They put out excellent lenses for decades. In their partnership with Leica they actually sold a few of their own lenses to the German company so Leica could rebrand them as sell them as Leica lenses. If that isnt high praise then I dont know what is. Also, the Minolta M Rokkors are still some of the finest M glass made by anyone. Get a good copy of a good Minolta lens and you will never sell it. I still have my MC Rokkor PF 55/1.7, even thought I dont really use it anymore, because it is just a damn fine lens.

As others have said the Contax Yashica mount has a LOT going for it. Some fine Zeiss glass, with some fine Yashica ML lenses to choose from as well.

One last thing...adapters. Some people claim the FD/FL mount is fiddly. Thats because it is. But this is easily solved by simply buying an adapter for every lens you have. I try to do this anyway because I find that my changing out the lens and adapter every time simply puts less strain on my actual camera lens mount. The Canon FD mount is one of the shorter vintage Japanese SLR mounts (second only to Konica AR) so putting an adapter on each lens only adds a little weight and bulk in the bag. At least it never bothers me, and is worth it not to try to mess with FD lenses in the field. I can attest to Fotasy adapter being cheap and well made. Although their FD to Leica L adapter wont let me mount my Canon FL 35/2.5 because of the bulge on the back of the lens due to its retrofocus design. However, my Metabones FD to Leica L adapter lets me mount it just fine. Weird but true. But I have ordered several Fotasy adapters over the last few weeks and have not had fitment issues with any of them.

And remember that sample variation can make ever bit of info in any of these posts completely irrelevant. One person may have a great copy of a lens and rave about it. But get a crummy example of a lens and it doesnt matter what pedigree it has.

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