Which mount system do you principally adapt to?

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Which mount system do you principally adapt to?

I have not run one of these for quite a while - I suspect that most of our members use a version of Sony A7 as the host camera. This poll is only meant to flesh out where the member’s interests lie and i am not concentrating on Sony particularly as I am a “Sony Unbeliever” myself - even if I acknowledge that they are particularly good/popular for adapting legacy MF lenses. Nor can I make a poll to fully show those that use more than one mount system or camera body - just your preferred go-to mount and body.

When I offer A7 series I mean one or other of the camera bodies in that series - I am sure to not satisfy all variations and so there will have to be cases of pick a box and post and explanation ....

Original Sony A7 series
7.9% 11  votes
Sony A7 series II
17.3% 24  votes
Sony A7 series III
4.3% 6  votes
Sony A7 series IV
1.4% 2  votes
Sony A9 series
0.7% 1  vote
Sony a6*** or NEX
5.8% 8  votes
12.9% 18  votes
15.8% 22  votes
Canon RF
5.8% 8  votes
Canon EF-M
4.3% 6  votes
Any dslr camera body
3.6% 5  votes
Nikon Z
11.5% 16  votes
Medium Format
2.9% 4  votes
Any other not provided (explain)
5.8% 8  votes
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Sony a7
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