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Re: LR Tips for GFX Files

I appreciate the flexibility of Lightroom, which allows people to work in ways that work well for them (one catalogue or many, folders or not folders, collections, etc.)

I have multiple catalogues, but based on similar kinds of work rather than shoots. For example, I have "Art-work" and I have "Home" because I don't want to mix those images together.

All my "art work" is in "Art-work", and all the source files are in one folder (P:\Art-work\Source). Lightroom is a decent database, so it can handle hundreds of thousands of images without a hiccup. Backup is also easier to keep track of this way.

Organizing this way lets me take advantage of Collections, Smart Collections, Keywords, Flags, Labels and Stars to sort and categorize. I like to automate the organization as much as possible, and LR makes that easy. When I find myself setting up a search manually on a regular basis, I create a smart collection to automate the search.

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