What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

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Another user of adapted EF mount lenses (with caveats)

I also adapt EF mount lenses, but perhaps it was because I had a good number of them before I started adapting lenses.  For a while it looked like I had an expensive bunch of orphans unless I kept buying dslr bodies. Until Metabones started selling their EF-E/FE adapters and I was able to try Sony ML bodies with my EF mount lenses.

It further opened up my horizons when the electronic adapters to other mounts were added and EF mount lenses became the new ML mount universal AF adapter of choice.  I found that adapting to M4/3 worked well and even bought some Sigma DC (aps-c) lenses in EF mount with the specific intention of adapting and focal reducing them to M4/3 mount.

When I became sick of updating dslr bodies my last dslr - the Canon 5D had served me well for 10 years until I retired it. But as a last hurrah I completed the circle and bought a severely discounted new 5Ds so that I need not always adapt any more.  I figured that Canon could not, and would not, update that classic of its dslr range. Quaint, with a old-fashioned feel in use, it was still a cheap FF 50-something mp camera body at today’s prices.  A camera that I had refused to buy at its original RRP.

Consider also that the new ML mount systems area almost always going to be a brand by brand purchase lock-in as far as camera bodies are concerned - you buy the lenses and you have to buy whatever bodies the mount system offers for them.  I learned my lesson well when I was stuck for a while with the prospect of continuing to buy updated Canon dslr bodies or sell up my EF mount lenses and start all over again.

But in the interim a stint with Ricoh GXR-M bodies (made specifically for, and only for, MF lenses) introduced me to the wonders of adapting legacy lenses.  I have accumulated a good number of lens-mount varieties -  mainly M42 (even my DKL lenses first adapt to M42) but also FD, LTM and M645 with only a smattering of other mounts.  Some PK from way back in the 1980’s when I bought them new. Minolta MD seems to have been very popular in the US but probably less so elsewhere in the world.

My LTM lenses are now specifically and semi-permanently each adapted to M4/3 - if you are going to dedicate an adapter per lens it is doubly necessary that each adapter is made to the precise adapted FFL. Made sense as the adapters are actually quite cheap and cheaper than the simple LTM-LM adapter ring which serves only limited purpose unless one is going to use them on an LM mount.

Buying a self-restricted range of MF mount systems means that switching to or adding yet another mount system is otherwise only a few relatively inexpensive adapters away.  Also if you have enough EF mount lenses to make it worthwhile then you don’t need many AF capable adapters to use them on a mount system of choice.

But buying a couple (only) of EF mount lenses and then trying to justify an adapter might be quite another apple crumble .....  Unless of course having AF capability is important. Most, if not all, EF adapters also support the Canon in-lens IS.

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