Best 4k60 camera for the price?

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Re: Best 4k60 camera for the price?

JustUs7 wrote:

dwkdnvr wrote:

JustUs7 wrote:

dwkdnvr wrote:

I'd guess the Fuji X-T3

Not new for $1,200 or less. At least in the US.

Well, you said 'on sale' - I thought it had hit 1199 on sale at some point.

If not the Fuji, then probably the Panny G9. $1099 at the moment, I think.

I’m sure I’m just getting older and cranky (but only late 40’s 😁), however - knowing nothing of 4k60, don’t need it, don’t care about it, yet that was a one or two minute search.

I get the choosing between a couple different cameras and wanting peoples real world experience from this forum. But this was a straight price / spec query. Then stop by and say, “What do you think of this or that?”

There may also be a point and shoot and perhaps a camcorder. I didn’t search that hard.

What you really need to get on is people bumping 5+ year old threads with new comments

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