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Re: LR Tips for GFX Files

Greg7579 wrote:

Great tips Manzur. I don't agree with the catalog for each shoot bit. The LR gurus would all disagree with you. But you know what you are doing and can get away with it.

But that sounds like a nightmare to me.

I have one catalog and I always set LR to produce sidecar files with all the editing info in them. That is essential and there is no reason not to do it.

I know some neat tricks on how best to import the catalog to my PC from my travel laptop. I don't import catalog at all. I copy all the raw files with their sidecar files from my laptop to my master PC into the folder I name and them import the raw files to that folder by adding the images to the catalog (not copying them, because I already did that). The sidecar files insert all of the editing info that I did on the road into the master catalog. Then I erase everything from my laptop and start over.

Importing the catalog creates a mess of LR-created folder layers and names. I want total control of my folder structure. Every shot I have taken that is a keeper is on my 8TB internal SSD under one folder.

I tried having around 20k photos in one catalog just last week from various shoots, and the catalog was slower than the individual ones I normally use. So, for me I see no reason to do that.

That sounds like a lot of work Greg. They way I do things is:

01. My LR is set to ask me which catalog to open when I double click on the LR icon. I select create a new catalog and name the catalog.

02. LR creates a folder in that name and puts the catalog inside that folder. I copy all my raw files from that shoot in that folder. Then I remove the memory card.

03. I import the files to the catalog, and that's it. If I need to take it with me on my laptop, I just copy the folder to my laptop. Then I just open the catalog and edit or whatever I want to do.

Sidecar files will bring the edit to the new catalog (in your case), but it only brings the final edit, it does not give you the whole develop history, which the catalog does. So I simply copy the whole folder.

I have FULL control over my folder structure because from the very beginning I organize it just the way I want it. This is how it looks for example:

Name of the shoot - location (Date)

Very simple to do, and I have my website organized exactly this way, so it is all very seamless.

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