Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

sportyaccordy wrote:

I didn't "play with the statistics", I just reported them and my analysis of them. Agree or disagree but don't accuse me of lying or manipulating without proof.

I agree that for pixel density focused disciplines a high MP crop sensor is best, and the use case for that is broader than I let on. Like I said, I think an R7 is inevitable and there is demand for it. What I question is whether there is ample demand for a whole RF-S system. All the use cases you mention can be met with existing EF/RF glass. Someone hoping for a general purpose RF kit beyond a cheap kit zoom is probably going to be extremely disappointed.

I’ve not accused you of lying. It is easy to interpret statistics in many ways and you always need context and full information to understand them. That is why I asked for the source of your statistics, so people can understand how and why.

EF-S I agree is no longer required, and we will almost certainly not see RF-S specific glass as Canon have shown they can make lower cost RF glass that fits the bill. Having said that, Venus optics under their Laowa brand have just announce an RF lens for APS-C, the 33mm F0.95 which looks like it is designed as a lens directed more towards video. Will be interesting to see how that pans out and to what use it is put.

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