What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

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Re: What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

There are very few mounts I actively dislike; Canon FD and Exacta are the two that pop to mind at the moment.

First, I agree with the people saying don't lock yourself into a single mount. There are advantages to building sets around a single mount - reduce space by minimizing the number of adapters, somewhat less fuss - but basic 'dumb' adapters are cheap, and you'd be missing out on some great lenses by sticking to just one mount. There are great lenses for many different mounts. (This post has some of my thoughts on building lens sets around a single mount, FWIW.)

Of the three mounts you mention, I like both OM and K-mount. Nikon F is one of the longest flange distances, so any adapted F-mount lens will sit further out from the body and be less balanced.

OM Zuikos are a great lens range, with very few duds, and a strong tendency towards compact design with great mechanical feel. Several of mine shade towards the yellow, which can be good in many situations but a problem in others. I generally see very few third-party lenses for OM mount.

Pentax K-mount lenses also have a lot of gems, though not quite as many - and with more duds - than the OM Zuikos. They also have a focus on small/light designs, though they tend to be a bit slower in return. The manual-focus lenses - 'SMC K', 'Pentax-M', and 'Pentax-A' - generally have great mechanical feel, though not quite as solid as the OM Zuikos. The first couple generations of autofocus lenses - 'Pentax-F' and 'Pentax-FA' - are still usable manually, but the focus ring isn't damped and usually not nearly as pleasant to use. There's a much wider selection of third-party lenses in K-mount than OM, from what I've seen. I've got quite a few Pentax lenses, but they don't ride in my bag as often as the OM or Minolta SR lenses.

Minolta SR (including Rokkor, MC, and MD lenses) is the other mount I use a lot. As a general rule, they're very good mechanically (though the last generation or two of MD lenses have a lot more plastic and a less solid feel), excellent optically, and a joy to use. The lenses tend to be larger on average than the OM or Pentax-K lenses, but the mount and therefore the adapter is somewhat shorter.

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