People who actually bought the A1, satisfied?

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Michael H wrote:

Jojophotomo wrote:

Michael H wrote:

Didn't you post in another thread claiming something like the problem people are having with IBIS or the EVF turning off is also related to their technique? And didn't we ask you to respond and backup your claims but you didn't? And now you're doing it again, in this thread?

Because you really look like a troll at this point. Technique for shooting in bright daylight, are you kidding me? What's your technique, carrying an umbrella with you? What's your technique for IBIS not working, using a tripod?

Your comment is ignorant and offensive.

You misrepresent what I said and then attack what you made up! It is called the straw man argument. I will not play your divisive game.

Making a point that it is more than a tech issue is not trolling, and because the issue is NOT widespread it is more complex than a tech issue alone. People NOT having the issue is important to help diagnosis and track down the cause. It seems that basic diagnosis is offensive to you.

I own the camera, I use the camera and I, like many others, are not having the issue. Tough luck it that offends you.

Those without arguments, like you, must resort to petty name calling. You are breathtakingly intolerant to any view other than your own.

How did I misrepresent what you said? You said it's technique. Maybe what you're looking for is a different word if you don't meant that?

And don't play this game with me. Petty name calling? I called you a troll. Trolls are folks that fan the flames and are provocative for no reason other than to be that way. This is the third time you've been asked to provide supporting evidence for your claim that other people's technique is what is causing this problem, and yet again, you have provided nothing to back up your claim.

Do not gas light me.

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