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Re: LR Tips for GFX Files

matteroner wrote:

Rob de Loe wrote:

As a side note, messing around with this confirmed a couple things for me:

1. The Adobe interpretations of the Fuji Film Simulations are very close. I compared the JPEG with Fuji film simulation and RAW with Adobe version of the same film simulation. Capture One fans are always claiming that the C1 versions are much better. Perhaps, but the LR versions are just fine.

2. You surely are leaving a lot on the table if you shoot a GFX camera in JPEG. That's really evident if you side-by-side compare the JPEG and the RAW.

Glad I could help. I agree with your follow up points.

Also I feel like the fuji profiles are a bit better starting place for edits vs let's say adobe color, which tends to be extremely oversaturated.

It's great to have options. I work almost exclusively in black and white so I've been happy with the Adobe Monochrome profile as the starting point. When it became available, Julienne Kost wrote, "This profile slightly shifts colors as they are converted to grayscale – brightening the warmer colors and darkening the cooler colors. It also adds a small amount of contrast but allows lots of headroom for editing." That matches my experience. I did try using Acros as a starting point because I used to shoot Acros film. However, I don't like losing access to the colour channels.

I should also say that the 2 things jpg plus raw gets you is ability to accurately check focus on a fine jpg in camera and crop modes. I need these things, so I'm locked into shooting this way.

That's a perfect use case. I've gone back and forth between shooting and not shooting the JPEG. Currently I'm in the "not shooting" part of the cycle.

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