What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

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Re: What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

I've made it easy for me.

* I use Sony fullframe E-mount as my normal digital system with native autofocus lenses.
* I also use Minolta manual focus SR-mount (MC/MD lenses) via adapter on E-mount. The SR-mount lenses of course also fits on my old Minolta film body directly.
* I also have M42 screw mount lenses that I use with adapter rings to make them into SR-mount. That way I can use them on either the Minolta film body or on the E-mount SR-mount adapter. I have two types of these ring adapters with and without flange for the aperture pin.

I also have C-mount ultra cheap CCTV lenses that can be fun at times, these I could put on E-mount as well via an adapter, but they don't cover fullframe nor APS-C crop mode image circles which makes the framing on E-mount a little tricky, so I kept an old m4/3 body with a C-mount adapter for that since these lenses fills that sensor size rather perfect.

Sure there are many fun lenses in many other mounts out there, but this way I cut down what I can use and don't go totally ballistic with GAS.

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