What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

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Re: What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

Anything bayonet mount is preferred by myself. Canon FD/FL mount is clunky and requires multiple moves to engage the aperture enabling lever. If the lever is not in the correct position when mounting you have to dismount the lens, reset the lever, remount the lens, then engage the lever. Petri mount is barely any better. M42 and other sized threadings take forever and a day to mount, and as already mentioned, may move in service.

My interest is in 1960s or earlier lenses, and in that bracket I prefer Minoltas SR mount over the rest. Nikons' F mount rotationally mount a different way from every other bayonet mount I know of. Exakta/Topcon has some very nice lenses, but the mount itself doesn't impress for security or robustness. Konica AR is also okay, but somewhat more obscure than Minolta. I also like Miranda lenses, but the mount itself doesn't impress, likewise for DKL. DKL also is very small in the size of the rear element allowed, which I believe can cause problems optically. Other mounts like Topcon UV or Kowa R are hard to find adapters for, and I've never seen any third party lenses for those mounts either.

Having said that, if the right lens comes along in a mount not particularly preferred, it still gets bid on.

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