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Re: In case you missed yours ...

Regarding the pixel count "3.54 MPix": This one is interesting! Somewhere I have read this before in the past. Don't remember where. Maybe it was Amazon? And yes, a short search with one of the most wellknown internet search engines finds 2310 results for the phrase

foveon "3.54" megapixel

As a theory, this number might be even the real pixel count for the SD9/SD10 sensors, a number which at some point in the past might have been leaked through from Foveon Inc..

But why 3.54 MPix, if the RAW camera output is 2268 x 1512 pixels, which calculates to 3.42916 MPix?

=> Every image sensor must be a little bit larger than what is finally shown in the output data. In the mathematical developing process of any RAW photosensor data there are always some calculations, which merge values from neighbour pixels into the calculated result.  So You always urgently need at least several rows of neighbouring pixels to calculate the value for one pixel. Also at the very edges of the sensors "final field of view".  Sticking with Foveon architecture, I think SPP urgently needs the neighbour pixel data values least for two things: the calculation of the "sharpness" (okay this one is obvious), and even more important and I suppose that a much larger area of neighbors might be needed for the "fill light" calculation.

So I do not have any information, how far these 3.54 MPix are a correct value. But anyway it sounds quite reasonable, if the camera is meant to put out "RAW" at 3.4MPix.

Every additional info highly welcome!


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