LR Tips for GFX Files

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Re: LR Tips for GFX Files

matteroner wrote:

Strange. I don't have that option.

Look in the defaults tab

Dh'o! And there it is. I did look in the defaults tab before posting, but my eyes skipped right over the entry.

As you've already noted, people who shoot RAW only (like me) can use that same setting to apply whatever film simulation they used in the camera when shooting that RAW. And it's all fully reversible of course once the RAW is imported.

Thanks for helping me sort that out.

As a side note, messing around with this confirmed a couple things for me:

1. The Adobe interpretations of the Fuji Film Simulations are very close. I compared the JPEG with Fuji film simulation  and RAW with Adobe version of the same film simulation. Capture One fans are always claiming that the C1 versions are much better. Perhaps, but the LR versions are just fine.

2. You surely are leaving a lot on the table if you shoot a GFX camera in JPEG. That's really evident if you side-by-side compare the JPEG and the RAW.

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