LR Tips for GFX Files

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Re: LR Tips for GFX Files

matteroner wrote:

Rob de Loe wrote:

matteroner wrote:

Good tips.

My tip.

If you shoot jpg and raw you can easily get that jpg profile to be applied to the raw image by selecting camera settings under the develop settings on import.

Can you explain Matt?

What you wrote suggests there's a way to apply whatever settings were used to create the JPEG, including in-camera adjustments, to the RAW file on import.

I'm not seeing any options to apply camera settings on import, beyond the ones that I see when I'm importing RAW only sessions. In Lightroom I can apply Adobe's version of the Fuji JPEG profiles (but I don't need the JPEG to do that).

Applying the profile will give the same result. But that's an added step. When I import I want all the files to look like what the camera showed me. Just my preference to help me remember what I was thinking at the time.

Here is the area to change it. This may also work when shooting raw only, but I haven't tried it.

Edit: it works even when shooting raw only.

Strange. I don't have that option.

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