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Greg7579 wrote:

matteroner wrote:

Good tips.

My tip.

If you shoot jpg and raw you can easily get that jpg profile to be applied to the raw image by selecting camera settings under the develop settings on import. This gives you a great starting point imo. You can always save it as a virtual copy and revert another to the adobe version. But I've had images where I edit like crazy and can't get back to what the original jpg looked like. This way I can start there, but still have the raw flexibility.

I think when I go out today I will shoot raw plus jpeg and import the raws with the camera's develop settings. I didn't know you could do that.

When that happens do you see where the sliders moved off of default, or does that set a new default so the sliders are in the middle? In other words, can you see what the in-camera settings being brought into LR did in LR?

I'm unclear on this.

The sliders will all be set to middle.

This is the import setting.

The only downside is if you use a black and white profile you will not have access to the b&w color sliders. Which is actually a big problem for me, because I tend to capture in acros -red.

Edit: This works when shooting only raw. Just tested it.  Must be in the embedded jpg.  But you won't have access to in camera crop modes.

Also it is the same as changing the profile in the basic panel. But I like this workflow better

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