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Manzur Fahim wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

There are a lot of new GFX shooters with this new "bargain-priced" GFX 100s.

Those of us who have been shooting GFX for years know a few common things about how Adobe handles GFX files. Add your tips and tricks here:

1. Chris is adamant about this one and has reported it to Adobe many times. The LR default for sharpening is way too high at 40 and should be 31. I almost always change the sharpening to 30 to 33.

1. I created profiles for the cameras I use, and some other cameras, so whenever I import files from those cameras it will automatically default to +20 on the sharpness. Once you set it up, and backup the file, you will never have to do it again even if you install windows fresh or reset it.

2. It helps to improve performance with the big files, is if you set the cache size larger from preferences.

3. Enabling full GPU acceleration improves performance, but will cause some lags if you are using Photoshop at the same time. Change it to basic / Auto to improve performance if Photoshop is also open.

4. When culling images or even just pixel peeping or looking for the sharper images out of a few (in case of continuous shots), I found that uncompressed RAWs have a better response time than the lossless compressed / compressed ones.

5. General tips: A catalog for each shoot is preferable to me, rather than a large catalog with all images, organized by dates or folders. I find the individual catalog for each shoots works well and is more responsive. Also it is safe in a ways, in case of corruption or data loss, you are not losing much.

6. General tips: I always enable XMP and set catalog to backup every time LR exits, this way the XMP can hold the settings even if the catalog is corrupted for some reason, and backing up every time means I have redundant copies. Of course there is a skip option if you opened the catalog for something minor and doesn't need backing up.

Great tips Manzur.  I don't agree with the catalog for each shoot bit.  The LR gurus would all disagree with you.  But you know what you are doing and can get away with it.

But that sounds like a nightmare to me.

I have one catalog and I always set LR to produce sidecar files with all the editing info in them.  That is essential and there is no reason not to do it.

I know some neat tricks on how best to import the catalog to my PC from my travel laptop.  I don't import catalog at all.  I copy all the raw files with their sidecar files from my laptop to my master PC into the folder I name and them import the raw files to that folder by adding the images to the catalog (not copying them, because I already did that).  The sidecar files insert all of the editing info that I did on the road into the master catalog.  Then I erase everything from my laptop and start over.

Importing the catalog creates a mess of LR-created folder layers and names.  I want total control of my folder structure.  Every shot I have taken that is a keeper is on my 8TB internal SSD under one folder.

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