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Re: LR Tips for GFX Files

Greg these are great -- I added a few comments from my experience.

Greg7579 wrote:

There are a lot of new GFX shooters with this new "bargain-priced" GFX 100s.

Those of us who have been shooting GFX for years know a few common things about how Adobe handles GFX files. Add your tips and tricks here:

1. Chris is adamant about this one and has reported it to Adobe many times. The LR default for sharpening is way too high at 40 and should be 31. I almost always change the sharpening to 30 to 33.

Agree -- when I'm shooting at optimal apertures on fuji lenses sometimes I have sharpening as low as 20-25.

5. GFX files will amaze you with there mailability in LR. The ability to left shadows seems almost endless. One must be careful not to even the scene out too much. Like Left Eye, Chris, Jim and Farz have told me many times - go easy on the shadow-lifting. Leave some dramatic shadows that add richness to the scene.

Agree -- the worst thing you can do is follow the editing workflow of a certain youtube photographer and start by doing highlights -100 and shadows +100. Yuck.

6. Blown highlights might be forever blown (as they say), but let me tell you that the highlights slider works wonders with GFX files as you move it to the left and recover those blinkies.

If you want to make it look even more natural, you can try using range mask and only apply shadow lowering to the highlights.

7. Go easy on the luminance slider. You don't often need that noise reduction work and it can smooth out in a bad way some very fine distant detail that GFX files are famous for.

I also turn down the color NR on my clean looking files! Though if you drop the highlights hard, you will get significant color noise in the sky.

8. GFX files have an amazing look and the fine detail just blows you away. Experiment with the new Texture slider. It adds some oomph to tree trunks, brick walls and stone paths in an interesting way, especially with B&W conversion.

I often add texture +5 to my landscape images, gives an effect of large-detail sharpening.

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