Spherical drone shot fail. Advice please.

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Re: Spherical drone shot fail. Advice please.

I have attached a snap of my tabletop which shows just a small portion of the island. Although taken by drone and assembled by PS in blocks, it produced amazing results. It is a talking point for visitors and the islanders. Perhaps photographers should display their works in imaginative ways, though not necessarily table tops.

Perhaps you can see why I would like to capture the whole island this way.

From what I know of stitching and it isn't a lot, the conventional process isn't going to work. Yes, a drone doing an auto sphere or 360, or by using an Insta 360 camera dangling from the drone might produce an image, it will not be a flat image and it will be very poor resolution.

The solution I propose to try will be a series of stills in a hemispherical view of interesting areas of the island where high resolution has benefits. The between landscape can be looking down shots from 400 feet. The resolution won't be high, but no one cares to see blades of grass. Or do they???

I know I can assemble blocks like the table top and then keep building until the whole island is covered.

Fingers crossed, I think this is the way forward.

Thank you all for your help. It has helped crystalise my thinking.

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