What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

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Re: What's your favourite adapted lens mount?

I'd recommend Contax-Yashica mount.

Lots of nice Zeiss, but also Yashica and third party lenses, as well as a few of the best film era zooms.

They might be a little more expensive than some others, but most are first rate.

If in Europe, Rolleiflex 35mm SLR (QBM) mount can be a good option. A nice array of original Zeiss, made by Rollei Zeiss with other names (= cheaper) and some pretty good Mamiya and other origin lenses.

Anyway, there's no need to stick to only one mount: each brand or system has its stellar lenses. Adapters can be cheap!

Generally not Canon FD: mount is flimsy and fiddly with adapters, lenses are prone to mechanical problems, some lenses seem to be missing part of the blue spectrum.

Also generally not M42: most lenses are quite dated, with fewer stellar lenses than most other mounts.

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