A7RIV Sync / Flash Triggering issues

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Ms Bigglesworth
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A7RIV Sync / Flash Triggering issues

I'm using a Buff wireless trigger setup for a very long time now - Cybersyncs, Einstein + DigiBees.

My regular setup has suddenly started resulting in a lot of non-fires - then today to add injury to insult it also heaped several "black bars" sync problems on top. Nothing has changed in camera AFAIK - I've checked... Today (like others) I shot f5.6 ISO 100 1/200 (because Sony fails any faster than this). Yes I could slow it down further to 1/160 - but why - when 1/200 always worked for years on every model from A900 forward. And that doesn't solve the non-triggering. 1 in every 10 or 20 shots doesn't pop... sometimes more!  Come to think of it - my mobile lighting setup (Godox) also has a lot of non-fires too... I always just blamed them for being kind of a sketchy company.

First thing I thought it was my xmitter battery - changed. Same thing. Changed again - same thing. Changed to another backup xmitter - same thing.

I've always used the Einstein(s) in Color mode - it should work. But all the other lights also have receivers so pretty sure it's not on the light side. Next test would be to try one light at a time and see if there's one misbehaving - still that wouldn't cause the others to not trigger would it?

I've always had EFCS on.  Still - how would that make a sync voltage trigger not pop?  Guess I'll test with it off too.

Now I'/m looking at the hot shoe pins and wondering if there is something off here - Maybe I'll do some cleaning - just in case... feedback anyone?

It's probably pure coincidence but this all seems to have started right around when I unplugged and began using WiFi tethering - Imaging Edge+Remote+ watched folder in LR.    nah - couldn't be.

Maybe I'll backup my settings and do a hard reset in hopes of killing the gremlins - notwithstanding any light bulbs from the replies.

Nikon Coolpix A900
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