Not the film look

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Re: Not the film look

Barry Twycross wrote:

There's a lot of talk about the "film look", but it was never something I liked. I had no choice using film, so now when I'm scanning my old film, I'm using all the post processing I can to "fix" the film.

Anyone else?


I just try to make my own slide scans look like the slides themselves, unless I screwed something up when I shot them decades ago, in which case I'll do some correction.

When I scan the much older B&W negatives (many formats ranging from 35mm to 4x5) that I've inherited from parents and grandparents, I try to do them justice with the most 'realistic' interpretations I can manage.

When I scan the mountain of 'drug store' prints that my wife and I accumulated in the years before digital, I use a high speed bulk scanner and just go for good enough.

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