People who actually bought the A1, satisfied?

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Re: Absolutely!

Michael H wrote:

Laslo Varadi wrote:

I have shot over 10000 photos. EVF blackout is not an issue since I change my settings. I don’t need tape or different eye cup. I have not noticed any issues with IBIS delays, but that might be what and how I shoot. I sold an A7Riv and A9ii. Love the 50mp files and cropping capability over the A9ii. It is a master of all cameras.

My experience is similar to yours. I am not having any issues. I suspect camera settings, technique and perhaps environmental factors are coming into play. It is not a simple tech issue.

The camera is in a league of its own.

Didn't you post in another thread claiming something like the problem people are having with IBIS or the EVF turning off is also related to their technique?  And didn't we ask you to respond and backup your claims but you didn't?  And now you're doing it again, in this thread?

Because you really look like a troll at this point.  Technique for shooting in bright daylight, are you kidding me?  What's your technique, carrying an umbrella with you?  What's your technique for IBIS not working, using a tripod?

Your comment is ignorant and offensive.

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