A hypothetical question for the lens designers.

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Re: A hypothetical question for the lens designers.

This forum is a very good place to find answers.

Last night’s topic still had me thinking today; yes I agree that it is better not to muck with the optic design of a good lens, but I hate to see great glass as a paper weight.

The 1.4x converter image expansion really intrigues me. Consider this. We have a micro 4/3 sensor, then mount a modern 1.4x converter lens, add a C mount adapter and finally a good quality C mount lens. Perhaps an 8mm, f 1.2.

The M 4/3 will double the 8mm to 16, while the converter adds 40% to 16 = roughly 6. Thus we have a 22mm at 1.2. Such a rig would give a wide view and – I believe – a very unique focus and blur opportunity. As many M 4/3 cameras shoot 4k, it allows for some room to crop the image.

Any thoughts?

I should add that I have been a fan of Bclaff’s for some time now and as of yesterday I am a fan of Mark Scott Abelns blog. I wonder if his 2015 article on the newest sensors and skin tones still stands in 2021?

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