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Re: There is a wide variety to the 'film look'.

Robert Parker has a famously accurate palate. Nevertheless, he quite wisely always refused to taste blindly. He knew what he liked when he knew what it was. True for most of us in most things.

So, I'd never say that I could tell a typical digital photograph from a well made film photograph.

However, one thing that a lot of digital photos have that most film photos do not are sharp edges around the main subject. The edges seem artificial to me, and often become "pop" (most famously produced by Leica and Zeiss).

Film can produce this sometimes, too, but digital has taken it to excess. Someday, we'll think of it like bell bottom pants or cars with massive tail fins.

The miracle (and unreachable for me) lens is the Leica M 50 f/2 APO. Yes, it isolates the main subject, but the falloff is so gradual, so integrated that it produces both a digital and filmic look simultaneously. The very new Fuji GF 80 f/1.7 also has this. But such modern lenses on digital cameras are few and far between.

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