Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

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Re: Which other system to pair with Fujifilm

Batdude wrote:

TH_H wrote:

I use Sony and Fuji and my advice would be a used Sony A7R3.

There's a clear difference in image quality in my opinion with the high res sensor. I would not go for a 24mp FF camera if you already use a 24/26mp APSC camera, the difference would mainly be in low light shooting.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a 24MP sensor and with today’s newer more modern sensors paired with today’s newer lenses you get more than plenty resolution. The IQ difference between my old 16MP D4 going to a Panasonic S1 is freaking huge! And that’s BEFORE applying sharpness and detail in PP.
The only advantage I see in getting a 45+MP is if you print insanity large or crop heavily, and I do neither of those. And on top of that our 4K monitors are only capable of displaying a maximum of 8MP IQ.

If I was shooting only as a hobby and for fun mmmm yeah I would probably have no problem in shooting high res files but I do confess that would mostly be to brag about it.

So no sorry I’m not the guy to sell you that kind of stuff specially medium format with its high price. If I was shooting very specific stuff for customers that pay for it then sure why not.
Also for the stuff I do low light will always be a priority so the 24MP sensor will always win in that department so pick whatever system or format is best for your needs.

The other advantage of the Sony system is, as you already stated, the lens ecosystem. There's a LOT of lenses now, something for every size and budget. And a lot of very good lenses for a reasonable price, unlike Fuji. I love my Fuji system, but the lens prices are way too high for what you get.

I didn't mean to say that 24mp is not enough. I use my Fuji system with the 26mp sensor a lot more then my Sony system with 61mp. I just described my experience with using two systems: I started with a A7III in addition to the Fuji system, and I was disappointed because the difference in IQ was very small in good light. In low light, there was of course a clear difference. I decided to try a FF sensor with more megapixels and for me, this is where I saw a substantial difference to my Fuji system, especially in Landscape photography, with a lot more details and a lot more potential to crop.

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