Are modern photographers obsessed with sharpness?

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It's Not a Thing.

charley5 wrote:

But i am wondering whether there is too much contemporary emphasis of sharpness over art?


The discourse you're describing is not "a thing" or a trend or anything worth concerning one's self about. In the big broad wonderful world of imaging that works in our world, there is not "too much contemporary emphasis of sharpness over art."

Sure, on DPReview, a small-ish subset of frequent-flyer forum posters argue like rabid cats and dogs about sharpness, much like they argue like rabid cats and dogs about everything else. They're bored and they don't have anything else to do but argue. (They could go shoot photographs, but that they'd rather do their thing here tells you what these people are about.) It'd be a grave waste of your time-energy to confuse the various screeds of this small cohort with a "contemporary emphasis" of anything except, perhaps, the relentlessly bitter flavors of backwater internet nonsense.

The world of imaging (and just, the world) is a vastly bigger, broader, diverse, and more interesting place than the stagnant tropes of DPReview's forums can suggest.

There's plenty of room for you out there, whatever you happen to be doing, with regards to "sharpness" or anything else.

The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive . . .

SO: it's just not constructive to imagine "sharpness" and "art" wagging each other on some kind of zero-sum see-saw. That framework of thinking does nothing for you or your creativity or your photographic practice.

If you want to make sharpness a particular "thing" in (some of) your photographs, do it. If you don't, don't. All you can do is ask whether you like it and see what happens.


But whether you're creating art that will do something worthwhile or useful in the world, as art can, it just doesn't depend on some kind of rigid semiotic tribal goofiness around "sharpness."


Nice portraits, by the way. See? There's plenty of room for you. Do your thing.

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