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seragram wrote:

If you were in the market to buy Canon mirrorless now for events and portraits witch would you buy EOS R6 or EOS R?

Depends on budget.  R can be had new for $1,800 or used/refurbed for a couple hundred less.  The R6 on the other hand is going for $2,500 new.  Forgetting the mp count for now, by all accounts the R6 is a much better camera.  I was actually waffling between the RP and R, but a recent opportunity afforded me a bit more money to work with so I went with the R and RF 24-105 f/4.  I didn't get a chance to try either one but relied on user feedback & reviews.  If you'll be doing a lot of cropping then maybe the R is better.  For landscapes/portraits I tend not to crop a lot so the R6 was fine for me, and all the improvements made it seem like a better choice for my needs.  I'm holding on to my 7D II for birding and such.


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