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Re: Some SONY complement FUJI well me thinks ...

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Reckon the Fuji Auckland shot shows the tiniest hint of motion blur.

That's possible as it hardly ever is completely devoid of wind up there. Did you see these?


No wind as such, but sadly a different focal length ... but you might still find it possible to draw some conclusions.


That’s more like it. The Auckland shots can be disregarded IMHO, as the later photographs show that any difference is minimal; pretty sure that the Fuji wasn’t stable as the Auckland photograph was taken. The later stuff looks pretty much equal in sharpness, with the Sony perhaps the tiniest hint cleaner - but that’s perhaps down to the fact that it’s better exposed. In short, I reckon there’s little meaningful difference for this purpose, though I’m no camera reviewer

first I was really astounded by the difference but the other pair of photos looks really similar. that shows that at base ISO there is hardly any difference, and if there is any it's all due to the lens. e.g. a while ago someone posted a comparison between the XF23 1.4 and the Z 35mm 1.8 and the nikkor was not only sharper but also had much smoother bokeh.

that said, if I want to add another camera just to mess around and see a difference it makes sense to immediately jump to a high res body, thats at least my personal conclusion.

I have no doubt that the Nikon 20mm 35mm 85mm 1.8 S lenses are better than Fuji's 14 /23 / 56 that came out like 5+ years earlier. However, they are bigger and heavier, lack aperture rings, plus require a totally new system.

If I were to upgrade systems, and wanted to carry the weight, I'd definitely look at a Nikon Z7 and these lenses though to replace my current setup.

If you want quality, small, and well-priced lenses, then MFT is the way to go.

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