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seragram wrote:

If you were in the market to buy Canon mirrorless now for events and portraits witch would you buy EOS R6 or EOS R?

The AF module (system) on the R6 and R5 are somewhat more advanced than the one in the EOS R.  But the R is still very good, it just doesn't recognize/track eyes quite as well (especially on non-human subjects).  Since you mentioned shooting at events and also portraits, the R6 has an advantage with high speed shooting and with low-light performance for portrait photography.
The Canon EOS R has -3EV lowlight AF capability but the EOS R6 has -6.5EV, which is considerably more sensitive for lowlight environments.  I would certainly trust the EOS R to hold its own (-3EV is still impressive) but you do get some advantages with the R6 for the two types of subject matter you mentioned.
Finally, the R6 has excellent high-ISO performance.  This is helpful for concert photography, events and portraits with low light.   Note that the R6 sensor can potentially produce noise at ISO 100 in the shadows (visible only when shadows are lifted) but produces less noise with higher ISO settings than other cameras.
The EOS R was designed as a professional-use camera when released.  It was fully featured to lure more pro photographers over to the R-system and is therefore more than capable of both of the subjects you mention.  It has a higher megapixel count and handles well.  Both cameras would be suitable although testing alongside the R6 gives the newer camera some significant benefits with AF an tracking human or animal eyes, even at a distance.  A quick look online should be able to demonstrate superb results from both cameras.  Since the R has been out a little longer than the R6, you ought to be able to source plenty of results from that model by professionals.

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