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Re: Some SONY complement FUJI well me thinks ...

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jjz2 wrote:

I have no doubt that the Nikon 20mm 35mm 85mm 1.8 S lenses are better than Fuji's 14 /23 / 56 that came out like 5+ years earlier. However, they are bigger and heavier, lack aperture rings, plus require a totally new system.

You're totally right. then again, I wonder: what are 5 years in lens development? usually lens designs lasted a very long time. has the refresh cycle for optics shortened so much recently or is it just a coincidence that the last 5 years saw some break through in regards to glass and formula development ..

If I were to guess, I think these particular optics got more optimized for mirrorless tech (in terms of AF/Build/Silent motors) and bigger sensors like the Nikon Z7 45MP FF, more so than the age gap itself. Fuji's lenses above came out when it's largest sensor was 16mp aps-c.

Nikon in particular has a bigger lens mount and overly optimized lenses. Even a look at Sony's same focal length and aperture shows they are noticeably smaller.

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