Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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MikeJ9116 wrote:

Ad12 wrote:

Indeed. I bought an XT3 and XT30 as Canon had no such offering.

If Canon doesn't bring APS-C to the R system then the bulk of my money going forward will be spent on Fuji gear. The older I get the more I will be moving to APS-C for the smaller, lighter weight gear to haul around. While I would prefer to stay with Canon I won't be all that upset if they force me to go with Fuji.

The size and weight arguments are valid in many situations - and that's why I have EOS M equipment - but for long tele lenses there is not much gain to make with APS-C.

The R5 and R6 are not excessively heavy or large and the launch of the RF-600/800 f:11 can be an indication wildlife photographers should not expect something soon. This lens sells a lot of R6/R6 bodies (to people who will buy a better and much more expensive lens later...).

As already mentioned, it was vital for Canon to get the pro's back and focus on the high end first.

Even if there won't be an R7/M7, I am not inclined to switch to Fuji. I do not see any interesting long tele there, I am happy with the M, and for the cost of switching I can buy an R5 for birds.

Besides, I don't like the retro look.

In its current state the M system is a non-starter for me. I bought into it back when the M3 was selling outside the US market. I quickly became disillusioned with it due to Canon's lack of support with the EF-M lens catalog and mediocre camera development. For some strange reason Canon decided to update the lease popular camera in the M line (the M6) over the M5 which validates my decision to stop buying M gear many years ago.  It seems Canon goes out of their way to keep the M system from becoming more capable.  After nine years there are only seven EF-M lenses that can be bought today and their flagship M camera doesn't have a built in EVF, IBIS, does substandard 4k video and handles much like a P&S.

I have the EOS R but, for me, it is too heavy to carry all day. Especially with a few FF lenses. Whatever FF gear I have now will cover anything I care to use it for so I am looking to assemble a nice lightweight APS-C MILC kit. I have a SL2 based kit that I use for most of my casual shooting these days. It has shown me that smaller APS-C cameras and lenses is the direction I want to go in the future. If Canon doesn't bring APS-C to the R system then I think it will be a big mistake for them. They would be leaving a huge part of their existing user base twisting in the wind and most likely they will move to other brands over time. I have been waiting patiently mostly due to the SL2 being such a good camera but I want to move to a capable APS-C MILC system. My patient is starting to wear thin waiting on Canon to make a move in this regard in the R system.

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