your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

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Re: your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000


You got into the FZ models well before I did.  My earlier superzoom cameras were the S3IS and S5IS.   However, the SX10IS failed to correct the colored fringes in the earlier models, and I ventured into the world of FZ's; starting with the FZ28.  Although I was recently gifted with a clean FZ18, and would have liked that better than the SX10IS or the S5IS.

My preference for the FZ28 over the FZ35 was due to the dreaded "frog spawn" artifacts that were worse on the FZ35.

But then they gave us the wonderful FZ150!  I never found the f/5.2 lens to be a problem; particularly since the lens was around f/4 at 500 mm.  However, the EVF was low resolution and the weak point of the design.

And so I tried the FZ200.  I don't normally buy the first of a new model, as they often have manufacturing issues early on; but I bought the FZ200 in late July of 2012.  And thus began my love-hate relationship with the FZ200.  That early version was, as you say, noisy, and my FZ150 was clearly better.  Still, it was the FZ200 that traveled with us to the Galapagos Islands in October of 2012.  By that time I had figured out the settings to use, although they were quite different than my previous FZ's.  After that trip, I sold the FZ200 #1 and in December tried again with #2.  It was just like #1, and was returned and I continued to use my FZ150.  Then in May of 2013, I tried again with the FZ200 #3.  That was the ticket.  It liked the same settings as my FZ150, and gave equally good images with the same level of noise and I used that camera for several years.  Later, I bought FZ200 #4, made in China.  It was very much like #3; but exposures were about 1/3 stop darker than Japan made #3.  I eventually sold off #4, and carried on without an FZ200.  But I like the camera, and in a weak moment bought a used, Japan made FZ200 #5.  It turned out to be the photographic twin of #3, and I still have it.

The FZ300 was purchased in 2017 and went on a small boat trip in Alaska's "panhandle" region.  Not a lot of sun on that trip, and many days of at least part rain.  The FZ300 was perfect; but my images were disappointing.  Since I had FZ200 #5; I gave the FZ300 to a friend who was going to Alaska with his wife to celebrate his retirement.  And now in 2021, I have a new FZ300.  I didn't think #1 was bad or faulty; but #2 is better in terms of color rendition and noise.  And where FZ300 #1 was very close in image quality to FZ200 #5, FZ300 #2 is somewhat better.  And so, I agree with you that an FZ300 is the best of all my small sensor FZ's.

So far, this has all been about my adventures with small sensor FZ models.  However, I did buy an FZ1000 is 2015.  It was to be my travel camera, leaving my Canon 70D at home.  It did very well on a group tour in central California, and especially so at Yosemite.  I am now on FZ1000 #2, and it is a twin to #1, except that I don't see any of the deep purple central spots that occasionally showed up on scenics from #1.  How good is FZ1000 #2?  Good enough that I no longer have a DSLR.

I almost forgot.  I do have an FZ80.  It needs the same strange non-typical settings as FZ200 #1.  I live on a large pond, and the FZ80 is used solely for shots of waterfowl on the far side of the pond.  I share your feelings about this model.

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