DP2s Color Accuracy revised

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Re: DP2s Color Accuracy revised

xpatUSA wrote:

Rudi wrote:

xpatUSA wrote:

tagscuderia wrote:

Good correction, thanks Ted. How about RAW channel gain, have I dreamt that up as well?

I don't know, what is it called in Sigma meta-data?

One of these?

BEGIN: CAMF property meta data (IncludeBlocks)
"BaseGain" = ""
"TempGainFact" = ""
"WhiteBalanceGains" = ""
""PGain" = ""
"SpatialGainTables" = ""
"SpatialGain" = ""
\"PreviewGain" = ""
END: CAMF property meta data

...to much math for me at the moment when I want to take a photo


Always good to get a post like this in response to a thread that took quite a bit of work to compile.

I recommend setting your camera to 'P' Mode with everything in Auto, especially WB.

Hello Ted,

no offense intended from my side. Always interested in this kind of posts.
It is always good to be reminded of the scientific background of (digital) photography, but I´m pretty sure there are not many people to remember the facts when taking their photos, nor in post processing.

So don´t think your (and other´s) work is not valued.

BTW - "P"-mode doesn´t work with my cameras, Must find a workarount everytime I use it .



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