Anyone is using Nikon 85 f1.8 S?

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Re: Anyone is using Nikon 85 f1.8 S?

Rich Rosen wrote:

I have both the S, and the G, a lens highly regarded by reviewers for its sharpness, especially in the center. In my comparison of the two lenses, both are pretty sharp in the enter, but on the edges and corners, the S wins. Its has better bokeh, although its not as creamy as the 85 1.4D, Operationally; the S is quieter and faster when it focuses. If are downsides, to the S, I would have to say that its minimum focusing distance is a bit long and its a longer lens, than other 1.8 mirrorless lenses. While it is almost double the price of the G, it has added features over the G, among them 9 aperture blades, nano coat and ED elements. I cant speak to a comparison between the S and the Tamron, not ever owning one, but that lens retails for $749, is heavier than the S and still requires an FTZ to work on the Z cameras??? My research also says the lens was discontinued, which would raise the issue of focus compatibility with the FTZ adapter.

My main camera as a wedding photographer has been D750 and the old D800 as a backup. I had a Nikon 85 f1.8 G before but when I shot with a bright background, the G lens showed a lot of CA. So I sold it and I got Tamron 85 f1.8 VC. This lens controls CA quite well even in a very contrasty lighting situation. But even after I did some AF adjustments with the D750, shooting wide open and get an in-focus image wasn't easy.

Fast forward....since I got Z6,I noticed that AF accuracy of the Z6 is better than that of the D750. I used the Tamron 85 on the Z6 and I shot a lot of portraits wide open and I was surprised that the keeper rate was a lot better than that of the D750. Only in a very contrasty lighting situation, I experienced some AF inconsistencies. This problem was addressed by one youtube reviewer and she reported that if you use any F-mount lenses with the FTZ adapter, you will experience some AF inconsistencies.

That's because she said, that with the FTZ adapter, the camera(Z6/7) uses only phase AF detection while with Z lenses, it uses both phase and contrast AF detection. Therefore, with any Z lenses, its AF accuracy improves a lot to a point where it hardly misses a focus.

That's the reason why I decided to get a Z 85 lens and I found a good used one.

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