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Clark95 wrote:

I picked up my camera back from Nikon on Friday. It ended up being a class C major repair. They replaced the power PCB, replaced memory compression, and replaced/repaired the connector FPC. No idea what caused it, but all is good now. Wasn't thrilled to need a repair- this is the first that wasn't user fault or a lens repair covered under warranty. Been shooting Nikon since 2006 so I guess that isn't bad at all. Happy to have it back!!

I've been very fortunate, I've never once needed a single repair shooting Nikon gear in 20 years. I did shoot Canon for a few years here and there, but always came back to Nikon. I also shot both Nikon and Canon side by side for about 6 years as I worked for a sports photography company that provided Canon gear. I once set down a Canon 1D Mark III and 400mm f/2.8L IS too fast and hard, and the two were stuck together. Both were bent at the mounts and were literally stuck together. I got very lucky and happened to get both repaired for free within 24 hours, so I was fortunate. However with Nikon I've been very fortunate and I'm not sure if it's partly luck, mostly that I buy professional level gear, if I just take great care of my gear or most likely a combination of all of the above. Having said all of that electronics and mechanical devices all can and do fail at some point. I typically upgrade or change my gear before I run into any issues and to recoup as much money as I can. I'm a photojournalist and can be very demanding on my gear, but I shoot flagship bodies and professional grade lenses. All of my gear is in like new condition and I clean my gear very often, and probably baby it much more than your average professional. I don't know how much of that plays a role, but I like to think that it does. At the end of the day though there is always the chance of failures and the need for repairs. Glad to hear you were able to get your D850 back and it's ready to be used again. I'm sure my day will eventually come, but I do sleep much better at night knowing all of my gear is insured.

I would be a little upset but I wouldn't be surprised if I do end up needing a repair, but I can't even begin to think about theft or loss. Which is why almost all of my gear is fully insured against drops, theft, accidental anything, you name it. State Farm insurance is amazing and it's relatively affordable. I have a lot of gear, including 2 Nikon D5's, a D4s, D500, 70-200mm FL, 500FL, 24-70 VR and Tamron 35mm f/1.4 SP. Even my monopod is insured as its around $850! The only items that I don't insure are items that are less than $600 and can be easily replaced. Such as teleconverter's, bags, flashes, etc. Once you have to use your insurance, you're most likely going to dropped and if you can find other insurance it maybe more expensive and harder to obtain. So my main purpose is for worst case scenarios like my entire backpack being stolen out of my vehicle or if I were to accidentally drop a camera and or lens. The greatest thing about State Farm is no deductible and great service at a great price. Even if you don't own a lot of gear it's still worth looking into. You can often get insurance for less than the cost of shipping the item to Nikon, especially if you pay for insured or expedited shipping. It would easily cost around $50 to ship a D850 insured 2-Day to Nikon, whereas you could insure the D850 for about $35. So even if I only owned one camera and one or two lenses, I would still insure that gear for sure. Now in some scenarios it's better to just pay the repair costs and shipping costs and therefor avoid making any type of claim, but if its serious or Nikon claims impact damage, etc, you'll want to have or wished you had insurance.

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