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Re: Miso is saved

benjilafouine wrote:

Miso is saved but he may remain diminished for the remainder of his life. But I have hope that he will continue to improve. I haven’t posted a lot of stuff lately because my chores are increasing (wife disabled, my 86 years old mom and now my dog for the past month).

Weather was warmer beginning April than now and I didn’t ride my Sea-Doo since April 10th, a few hours after ice receded. I showed that picture before. Since then, we had cold temperature and even snow. The water is still at 42 degrees F…

April 10th. Water very very cold.

April 22nd. Well, I didn’t leave the Sea-Doo on the lake.

Miso on April 24th (he fell ill on April 01).

Miso waiting for his personalized support on April 26th. Notice the bowl on the table…

I wish my wife could heal like that.

Benji, first nice set, second so happy for you and Misco. For what its worth I pray everyday on my hour trip to work and you and your family are included in them every day. I really hope God smiles on you and your wife like he has been on me and mine.

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