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Re: A1 .. it's a "Gucci watch" for those concerned mostly with image instead of images...

aSevenArr wrote:

Rob J wrote:

You (and likely many others) are not going to like my opinion but I'm going to throw it out there anyway for what it's worth. (probably nothing).

I too, am sorely tempted by the A1. When considering the actual purchase though, I ask myself the following questions.

Will an Ai blow the photos that I'm getting from my A7rIII out of the water? Will I take much better travel, BIF, portraits, landscapes than I do now? Will the photos that come out of an Ai be obvious to even the most sophisticated viewer that they were taken with a superior camera? Will this camera somehow improve my skill level and make me a significantly better photographer than I am now?

The answer to all of those question for me is NO.

I totally agree.

Not only is the thing ridiculously expensive but I have yet to see an image posted that could not just as easily have been captured with my current A9.

So aside from the pose factor of toting the latest gear (and almost certainly showing to others that you do NOT make your living from photography) there really is no advantage to an A1 upgrade IMHO.

IMHO it's a Gucci watch camera for those more concerned with their image rather than their images.

Here's a different opinion (feel free to ignore it).

Nikon and Canon both have camera lines priced at the same level, but they get ignored because those lines have been around for a long time. Sony introduces a new camera at this level and people feel obliged to complain that it's "over-priced" and "ridiculously expensive", possibly because they are thinking about it in the context of Sony's existing range of cameras.

I welcome the option of more choice. I like that, if I can afford it, and if I want to, I can get a new camera that incorporates several things I could not previously get in a single camera, plus new features I could not get before. Before the introduction of the A1, I didn't have that choice.

Sony has not discontinued their existing cameras. If you cannot afford an A1, or if you don't want to, you can still buy an A9 II, or an A9, or almost all of the preceding models (I think the original A7R is no longer available new). If Sony had discontinued all of the A7 and A9 models, then you would have cause to be aggrieved, but they have added another choice without taking away the previous choices.

Me.. I'm considering one of the new prime lenses. FAR more likely to show me some clearly better results.

This makes sense. Different choices for different people.

For example, the new 14mm GM prime would be a good choice for someone who wants to shoot wide with a lot of detail but cannot get far enough away to use a longer lens. I doubt I'd ever use such a lens - it would be a bad choice for me.

And the A1 may be a good choice, especially for well-heeled amateurs. Some people aren't skilled enough to get a rapidly moving subject framed perfectly on an A9, so being able to shoot with more space around the subject, then crop, helps them. Even more so if the camera is handling the focus on the subject. A professional might get the shot without that help, but someone older or less skilled may not be able to.

There have been many innovations in photography which made things easier for the less-skilled. Exposure metering and automatic exposure. Auto-focus, then tracking focus. Even the blackout-free viewfinder on the A9. Professional photographers didn't need these innovations to get their job done (I suspect they embraced some of them, nonetheless!), but they made photography a lot easier for people who weren't shooting all day every day.

You say "I have yet to see an image posted that could not just as easily have been captured with my current A9", but you omit a key phrase: "by me". You may well be able to capture those images on your A9 (heck, you might well be able to capture them on a much older camera!), but you have skills that others don't.

I'm actually starting to wonder if the A1 is not actually aimed at professional photographers, but rather at the older amateur. The EVF that offers a bigger image for ageing eyes. The bigger buttons (something Sony improved in the last generation). The subject eye AF enhancements. Even Sony's concentration on smaller and lighter cameras. Maybe Sony's market (or one of them, at least) really is the retired / semi-retired amateur photographer who hasn't been able to travel for the past year or so, and so has some surplus cash.

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