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Re: Wacom Intuos Pro / Non-Pro

I use a Pro small with two monitors. Technically there is enough tablet resolution to do that because the tablet is over 5000 line per inch, more than enough to cover every pixel on both monitors. The limiting factor is how tiny of a hand move you might have to do for a very precise edit, so that can be a reason to step up to a Medium. But I don’t have room on my desk for a Medium, and it would also push my arm out too far to the right of the keyboard which would eventually be a literal pain, ergonomically speaking.

To compensate there are two features of the Pro that I take advantage of on the Small size. One is the Display Toggle feature. By mapping Display Toggle to any tablet or pen shortcut key, you can set the tablet area to cover the left monitor, the right monitor, or both monitors. Since the Photoshop image is always on my left monitor, if I need more control I Display Toggle to left monitor only.

When even higher precision is required the Pro also offers Precision Mode. Again you can map this feature to any tablet or pen shortcut key. Precision Mode dims all of the screen except an adjustable rectangle area. The entire tablet active area is now concentrated on that small rectangle so that it is easy to have very fine control within that area.

I think these features are only on the Pro. The Pro has many more interesting shortcuts that are useful, like custom button menus. I have one menu that launches applications and another with buttons that can open frequently used folders. Each menu is mapped to a tablet or pen shortcut button.

That is one thing about the Pro. It is not just about the hardware. It turns out that the extreme configurability can have a lot of value, for those who can take full advantage of it.

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