Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

MikeJ9116 wrote:

EJ Fudd wrote:

in talking to someone who has worked in photo industry for 30 yrs with canon and nikon the only people who want an APS-C sensor is wildlife photographers, manufactures don’t want it

Whoever you talked to doesn't know much about photography, IMO. Many people want APS-C cameras. Including many of the millions upon millions of APS-C DSLR users. What makes you think they don't want to be part of the R system? Especially when we see so many FF DSLR users opted to buy into the R system.

The cost of producing a full frame sensor versus an APS sensor is minimal not to mention the expense of having RandD expenses and plants manufacturing aps-c sensors.

I keep reading this but I have not seen any proof this statement is valid. Do you have any? The increase in sensor yield from a single wafer for APS-C versus FF does not support this in any way.

That is true, more per wafer makes a difference. Additionally, you save in other areas such as buffer memory. The difference may seem little, but those costs add up quite a bit. People also look at the retail cost vs BOM. That is a poor comparison percentage wise. Small changes in cost at production add up to a big difference in retail.

In addition frame sensors now are 45 megapixels plus, you can easily crop in and get an image that will be just as good or better than a 30 megapixel crop sensor with less noise. Not to mention the expense of 2 different lens designs.

Your statement is incorrect. A crop sensor area on a 45mp FF sensor isn't close to 30mp. It is around 17mp. To get a 32mp crop area you need to start with about an 80+mp FF sensor.

I own FF DSLR and MILC canon cameras. I also own APS-C Canon cameras. I have a need for both and desperately want Canon to offer APS-C RF mount cameras. So do many of the millions who own APS-C DSLRs and most of these millions have zero interest in the M system as it currently stands. Personally, I don't see Canon letting these millions of users fade away to Sony and Fuji who offers robust APS-C MILC systems.

Therein is the biggest reason, marketing. Nikon, Fuji and Sony all have crop cameras. The marketing boss will be fully aware of that and will not want to loose any ground to their competitors. Visibility of product in the field drives sales. In addition, the camera is in many ways a way of selling glass and accessories. Sale of a body often leads to multiple lens sales, Keeping customers supplied with the bodies they desire yields profits in lenses. This is doubly so when there is a change of lens mount. People will upgrade to RF, I certainly will.

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