DP2s Color Accuracy revised

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Re: DP2s Color Accuracy revised

xpatUSA wrote:

tagscuderia wrote:

Then there's the fun of does your incandescent light match that of SIGMA's calibrated illuminant?

Absolutely not, young man!

It's a strip of five warm white LEDs bearing only the vaguest of resemblance to anything incandescent. I normalize my tests to each other by color-balancing patch #22 in the editor...

"Normalise" by using the Colour Adjustment tool in SPP? That works by applying gain to the RAW channels, weird if the SD14, DP2s et al has that feature in software for editing but not for setting the initial white point for RAW conversion.

And usually (not this time) adjusting it's L* close to the card value of 50.8 - all the while realizing that the spectral radiance of the said LEDs will cause some error in the results.

Do you have the spectral distribution graphs for your LEDs? Be interesting to see if there's a correlation between that and your numbers.

Not unlike the variation of the spectrum in daylight outside while the camera can only do "Sunlight" ...

Aye, and my personal favourite drum to beat regards Merrill − I've shot some test images to hopefully have that discussion, just need to figure out a good way of presenting the information! It's a convoluted topic, lots of tangents 

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