your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

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Re: your FZ "sweet spot": from FZ28 to FZ1000

This has been one of the more interesting threads.

One of the things I really like about the whole FZ series, has been the color rendition.  Some of the other series, like the ZS(TZ) and LX have had some weird colors, although they eventually evolved to be more like the FZ's.

In general, I prefer Canon color; but the FZ series is close enough to be easily tweaked to match.  And that brings up another point.  The FZ series have long been able to tweak the color settings for AWB as well as the rest of the settings.  But for reasons I do not understand, the ZS/TZ series didn't have provision for changing color balance in AWB; but did allow it for the other exposure settings.  Does that make sense?

One other point: Size and Weight.  Back around 2006, I stopped carrying a DSLR on vacation travel, and began to use the Canon Pro 1.  It was about 23.7 ounces in weight, not too big, and covered 28-200 mm at f/2.4-3.5 with very good image quality.  At 8 MP it was perfect for travel.  But it lacked Image Stabilization and had slow response in the EVF and LCD, lagging by 1/4-1/3 second so you could not capture the peak of the action.

Canon never came out with an improved "Pro 2", and I spent years looking for an equivalent.  I finally settled on the FZ200 as my "Pro 2".  It's about the same size, shape, and weight as the Pro 1 (it fits in the same bag); has all the same features and image quality; but adds fast response, larger and higher resolution displays, image stabilization, easier use of filters and hood, longer and wider focal length lens, and equally good, or better image quality.

I still have an FZ200; but the FZ300 has become my "Pro 3", and even though it has picked up about 3.5 oz. of bulk, it still fits in the same bag as the Pro 1 used.

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