Which Canon powershot is the best choice to bring travelling to Europe?

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Re: Which Canon powershot is the best choice to bring travelling to Europe?

ByronViggo wrote:

I currently own a Canon 1000D which I am deciding whether or not to bring with me. I am quite small and I don't want to regret having to carry it around everywhere (I'm not sure if all my accommodation will have a safe). I am looking at the G15 mainly (it has most of the features I want), and comparing it to the Sx260 and S110.

Old cameras are less likely to get stolen, in either case it is vital to back up your photos each day on a laptop or harddrive or online, so you have the photos at least two places.

I use a big sd card so I can keep them all on the sd card after having copied them, there are several ways to back up and also of course bring extra sd cards, and change to new when getting full, then you dont loosed everything if anything happens to the camera

I am torn by the fact that the Sx260 has a 20x optical zoom, compared to the G15 5x. Can anyone tell me whether this would be a big deal when travelling?

The question is do you like to have fun with taking photos or need to print big when at home? A long zoom with small sensor is great in good light outdoors, and the big sensor low zoom good for indoor photos, also having a tilt screen can be incredible useful for taking low angle, overhead or inconspicious photos, while also ensuring you can avoid glare by tilting it so you can keep using the screen instead of having to use viewfinder

Do keep in mind sometimes the most important issue is focus speed and reliabilty rather than sensor size, so do ensure optimal focus settings before travelling, canon compacts are sadly often quite slow at focusing

I know there is a teleconverter available, but I can't seem to find many reviews on it. Can anyone tell me if it is a worthwhile purchase?

Teleconverters is a real hazzle and very seldom better than digital zoom, i myself would think absolutely opposite with to much beautiful actitechture and landscapes needed a wide angle, thus a 24mm lens camera would be better, such as g9x or g7x with the tilt screen, although i personally would rather trust a panasonic lx10 for focus (or sony of you are rich:)

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