How old is your oldest DSLR?

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How old is your oldest DSLR?

I have seen film cameras over 50 years old (I don't own any). I am aware that DSLRs only started at the turn of the century and their age is about to pass. I am wondering how long they usually last. Do you mind sharing how old yours is and how many actuations it has?

Also, do you have a plan to phase out your DSLR?

I am asking this with the purpose of determining the future of my DSLR gear. So, feel free to share your thoughts on the following.

I have a used D810, which has around 20K actuations and works well. I have a D7200, over 6 years old with around 40K actuations. My purpose is to estimate how long these will work, and then what?

For some background, my film SLR (Rebel 2000, 20 years old) and first DSLR (Rebel XTi, 15 years old) still work! In fact, they look very similar from a distance. They have plastic bodies with so called consumer-grade shutter/mirror mechanisms. In comparison, the durability of D810 and D7200 are way better.

Photography is my hobby, not a profession or side-job. I am known in the friends' circle and at the office as the 'guy with the camera'. In the two years before Covid lockdown, I covered several charity events (bike rides, 5K runs, indoor/outdoor concerts, etc.) I am clear that I want a smaller/lighter camera (likely a ML) for my hobby and travel in the future. I won't detour into that, let me stay on topic.

The existing DSLRs will work well for the near future and I will use them with the f/2.8 zooms for events. It means, I will have the f/2.8 zooms on them, a flash, tripod, and other necessary things in the bag. This is not a light/small setup for hobby/travel.

Whenever they fail, is it best to hang them up and move on?

Sometimes I feel like I should buy a D780 or D500 but logically, it's unproductive because... (1) I don't need one now; (2) it won't let me do anything more than what I can do with D810/D7200; and (3) it will eat into the ML hobby kit budget.

It sounds like I got more attached to the DSLR gear than to the hobby/act of taking photos. That is holding me back from moving on with my hobby.

What are your thoughts and plans for your DSLR?


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