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Re: A1 .. it's a "Gucci watch" for those concerned mostly with image instead of images...

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I skipped the upgrade from a7rIII -> a7rIV and from a9 to a9II and got a1 instead.

Agreed I am ready to order one as soon as Sony fixes the EVF/Eye sensor issue.

For me the A1 is a worthy update to my A7R II and A9. I will keep those too.

I'm still in the phase of proving (to myself) that I have absolutely no need for an A1. It's the last phase before I actually buy one (soon).

Regarding that "backup" aspect though: if I use my A9 for it's speed and tracking - I don't really have a good backup for that. If I use my A7riv for it's resolution, I only have my old A7rii to back that up, and lose a lot of useful features. So although every body I own *can* be a backup for every other one, there is a *lot* of compromise involved if the project leans on one of the camera's strengths (speed, low-light, tracking, resolution, etc). It's great having all those different choices on tap, I love it, but sometimes a bit more consistency between bodies (capabilities) would be far more useful. For backup.

Soooo - in my musings, I had a sudden change of perspective. What if I consider the A1 as the backup body!?

Well, that solves everything for me! The A1 can be backup to all my existing bodies and even covers each of their strongest features with minimal compromise (no EFCS, slightly lower resolution, etc). A7rii will push down the stack and becomes a permanent (though mobile) fixture on my microscopes and macro rigs, A9, A7riv and A1 become my main bodies - and I can now pick two of the three for a task with better coverage of whatever specific capability I need more of. It's usually a choice between high speed or resolution, though the A1 mixes that up by offering both, and I'll have no backup. But I'll live with that.

It's my birthday in two weeks, a significant "ends-in-zero" one, and I expect my order will be going in around then. It's already in my "basket" with grip and two CFExpress cards awaiting checkout. Happy birthday to meeee...

PS. I am fully aware that the chances of me treating a shiny new A1 as a backup body are less than zero. It will be glued to my hand and the only one I use for a while and then be my most-chosen-to-use body after that. But the better-backup concept works in either direction. So still good IMO.

Many thanks Beatsy. I understand you perfectly.  Oh BTW my 73rd birthday was last month and I treated myself for a hardly used and pristine GF63 for my Fuji GFX 50S camera at a very attractive cost. That lens is all I hoped for.

So in a way the 50 MP Sony A1 would join my 50 MP Fuji 50S. Both have their own complementary  areas they excel in. One for action the other for non-action scenarios.

I don’t look at my other FF Sony cameras as backup at all. I once accidentally fried the power supply of my A7R II with an external battery that should have been compatible but apparently wasn’t. Sony repaired it free of charge under warranty. But I have never had a camera fail on me while I was using it. Of course I experienced some glitches I found workarounds for or they got fixed through firmware updates. So as a hobby photographer to keep mentally challenged in my advancing age I really don’t have a need for a backup that would be a requirement for a Pro earning a living. 
I like to occasionally use my older cameras, that I didn’t hand over to my kids, to remind me of how rapid the technological progress in the industry has been, in particular due to Sony. For example my 36 MP A7R is relatively small and light, but slow in operation, suffers from shutter shock under certain conditions, but is also capable of producing high IQ images. The A7R II is still slow and has limitations when using the silent shutter, in particular exhibits rolling electronic shutter distortions, but it takes high resolution and high IQ images of static or slowly moving subjects. The A9, I have the first version, addresses a lot of the problems of previous Sony FF cameras, but it only has 24 MP, sometimes not enough for highly cropped birding images. But it’s all one really needs to take pictures of grandkids zipping around.

So the Sony ILCE-1 or Alpha 1 would become my go to camera for practically everything, in particular for moving, or really fast moving subjects.  I still would use my Fuji 50S for landscapes and portraits, as I like a lot the rendering it produces. It will also be very interesting to compare the A1 and 50S for scenarios in which both excel.

So I am really eager for Sony to address the EVF/Eye sensor issue adequately ASAP, ensuring a correctly functioning A1 camera.  Such an A1 would provide for me an all purpose photographic tool.

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